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Hiring our vetted student workers allows you to knock out unfinished jobs efficiently and without the hassle that comes with traditional contractors.

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Stunio is a win-win solution for all. You unlock access to local talent that is affordable, efficient, and trustworthy while also providing opportunities for students to earn flexible income.


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Our range of services includes and extends beyond typical around-the-house tasks.
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See some of the vetted helpers who are relieving task stress in their local communities across the country.

Collin Pavlov
Michigan State

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Our Helpers Are Vetted

Find reliable help in less than 10 minutes through local college students. Avoid the headaches and surprise bills that come with traditional contractors.

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Check out what home and business owners have to say about partnering with local students through our platform.
Super intuitive interface and quick to get started. Found a local student to assemble my furniture in no time!
Jarod Mills
Lansing, MI
I got my garden redone by a horticulture student through Stunio. I couldn't be happier with the results.
Greg Nason
East Lansing, MI
Stunio saved the day when I needed last-minute help moving furniture. The student was punctual and incredibly helpful.
Lisa Collins
Lansing, MI
I was looking for someone to tutor my child in math. Stunio connected me with a math major who was fantastic!
Christopher Bane
East Lansing, MI
I was overwhelmed with planning my event, but a student from Stunio stepped in and everything went smoothly. Highly recommend!
David Kimms
Okemos, MI
I hired a local student to help me set up my home office. They were knowledgeable and efficient. I couldn't be happier.
Lilly Rogers
Lansing, MI
I was hesitant at first, but Stunio exceeded my expectations. I got my garage organized by a very professional and polite student.
Sarah Reice
Okemos, MI
The convenience and efficiency of Stunio are unbeatable. I've used it multiple times now, and each experience has been positive.
George Johnson
Lansing, MI
Stunio is a lifesaver for busy people like me. Whether it's grocery shopping or cleaning, they've got someone qualified for the task.
John Smith
East Lansing, MI
A Stunio student helped me clear out my attic, and they were fast and careful with my belongings. I will definitely use this service again.
Lincoln Siphron
Holt, MI